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  1. Pastor Josh,
    I live in Colorado and am considering a move to Florida. I found your Easter podcast by looking up friends from thirty years ago and researching AOG churches in the area.
    I am recently divorced after 40 years of marriage. My ex husband is getting remarried in about a month and I am in the place of brokenness that you talk about on your podcast. I do feel labeled a failure because of my divorce and your advice to focus on God and not how people treat me , has given me a better perspective and a new hope that God has a plan for me. Thank you for your positive message to a hurting world.

    1. Cheryl
      No matter what others have done, you are valuable to God. God knows you by name and dearly loves you. I can tell you from experience that God never intended for you to face brokenness much less face it alone. He will walk you through it and so will other believers who understand and love as Christ did. I pray that you will be healed of every wound and enjoy the next chapter of your God ordained life. Be very strong and very courageous. Joshua 1:7-9
      If you visit or move to FL, please join us at Church of the Heights so that you can experience God’s love with people just like you.

  2. Thank you for your transparency here. I can relate to your first wife b/c of her adoption and the baggage she carried because of it. We are adoptive parents to 10 children (nine experienced abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment). We believe in the power of prayer and deliverance and entrust the Lord with our children, that they will walk in freedom and one day HELP those who are broken like they once were. May we as the Body of Christ step out of brokeness into wholeness, so that we can be vessels used by God to reach a broken and dying world!

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